We have several services for your comfort.

- Management of buying and selling properties.

- Management of Rentals, both long-term and vacation

We take care of managing the search for the ideal tenant for your property, contract management and subsequent intermediation with the tenant and the community of neighbors if necessary, in addition to the change of ownership and domiciliation of electricity and water services, etc.

For us, if you are calm, we will be too.

We offer optional renters insurance (ADVANCING; IDEALISTA SEGUROS; AVALISTO)

With ADVANCING you will get:

Liquidity: Advance 12 monthly payments.

Rent non-payment insurance.

Management of the monthly payment.

Personal and continuous advice.

Up to €30,000 in 24 hours.

With IDEALISTA SEGUROS you will get:

Coverage of unpaid monthly payments.

Compensation for acts of vandalism.

Unlimited telephone legal assistance.

- Comprehensive alarm service

So that your home is always protected and in the best hands.

- Tourist Registration (VT)

We take care of requesting all the documents, as well as their presentation. Ask us.

- Real estate appraisal

Good for sale, separation, Courts, etc.

- Locksmith service

We offer professional locksmith service at the best price, do not hesitate to call us for any locksmith job.

- Processing of Energy Certification

Mandatory document to provide when selling or renting a property.

- Notary

We take care of managing all the documentation that is needed for the correct signature before a notary.

- Reforms

Your new property will need improvements. We have staff that will take care of everything.

- Documents traduction

Having worked with foreign clients, we can provide documentation that they require in the native language

  - After-sales service

We request prior authorization for the change of electricity, water, SUMA, community, etc... So that you can enjoy the house from day one without wasting time on paperwork.

- Anti-occupancy insurance

Do you have a property and are you worried about it being invaded? We have insurance which will be covered. Find out without obligation.